Chalkboard Wall Tutuorial

Chalkboard paint is crazy popular right now - AND IT IS SO EASY!  

Chalkboard paint can be used virtually anywhere in your home or office!  We have seen it on the walls in children’s bedrooms to be used as an art wall, on laundry room walls in order to keep up with shopping lists and schedules, and even in large pantries for helping families stay organized by posting a monthly calendar, to do lists, grocery lists, and so on. 

This tutorial (with pictures to guide you) will take you step-by-step through the process of creating a chalkboard wall inside a pantry.  You can use the same steps to paint your chalkboard wall anywhere that best fits your needs!

  1. Decide where to paint the chalkboard and tape it off.  Use a level to make sure you have straight lines. Use a pencil and lightly make a line on the wall using the edge of the level.  Place the tape parallel to the line.  Leave the line slightly exposed so it will be painted over.  Step back from the wall and do an "eye check".  Make sure it looks like the tape is straight.  
Finished chalkboard wall

Finished chalkboard wall

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