Extend Your Days With Blue Porch Ceilings

Why Blue Porch Ceilings?

Pic from moodboard.typepad.com

Pic from moodboard.typepad.com

If you have spent any time in the South you know that we Southerners love our porches.  Our porches are relaxed and inviting and include ceiling fans, giant green leafy ferns, wicker seating, rocking chairs, and lovely porch swings.  Much of our time is spent gazing from our porches and waving to neighbors as they pass by.  

While sipping sweet tea on our porches you may have also noticed that many of us have painted our porch ceilings blue.  Here are a few of the reasons we paint our porch ceilings blue.

  • Extend the day:  By painting the ceiling a sky-ish colored blue the porch stays brighter longer as the sun goes down.
  • Keep the flying critters away:  Some say that because the blue porch ceiling resembles the sky insects are less likely to nest; therefore, you will have fewer spider webs, few dirt-daubers, and fewer wasps. 
  • Keep out the bad spirits:  Some home owners use "haint blue".  This color is said to keep bad spirits from crossing into your home.  For those who believe in this, it is not uncommon to also see their door frames and window frames painted blue. 

For more on why we paint our porch ceilings blue here's a couple of great links:

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What color is your porch ceiling?  Would you consider painting it blue?  If so, for which reason?  Comment and let us know!

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