EASY Bathroom Transformations Under $500

Update Your Bathroom with These Simple and Inexpensive Tips!  

1.  Walls:  Picking a paint color can be exhausting!  Typically we suggest picking a light and somewhat neutral wall color.  You can add your personality with brighter colors in your towels, shower curtain, and pictures.  Here's a great guide on picking the best color for the "feel" that you are going for in your bathroom.

2.  Cabinets/Vanity:  Painting or staining the cabinets can instantly give your bathroom an updated look and feel.  Be sure to use a paint specific for bathrooms and high use areas. 

3.  Hardware:  Update the hardware on your cabinets.  Updated hardware can be purchased at any home store such as Home Depot and Lowes.  You can also find it at Walmart and Target.  It's not as expensive as you might think.  You should be able to update all of your cabinet hardware for under $50 (assuming you have a typical-one cabinet bathroom).  To make your project easier be sure to measure the distance between the holes already drilled in the cabinets and pick new hardware with the same measurements.

4.  Caulk:  Scrape existing caulk from the tub/shower and sink.  Apply fresh caulk.  Use caulk that is specifically made for bathrooms.

5.  Lighting:  Change the light bulbs.  Put brighter/higher wattage bulbs in the existing light fixtures.  Instantly your bathroom with appear cleaner and larger.

6.  Mirror:  Frame a boring mirror to add an updated and custom feel to your bathroom.  Click here for a great step-by-step tutorial by Rhoda at Southern Hospitality on how to easily add molding around your mirror.




Don't feel like doing it yourself?  Call us and we'll do it for you!  The best news - we can probably do it for under $500!




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